Nadim Kassar is a seasoned banker, he has drawn on the knowledge and expertise of his uncle and father to develop his banking and finance profession on advanced grounds guided by high values and driven by a firm commitment to Fransabank Group’s mission, that is aimed to be one of the most leading and prominent financial groups within the local and regional markets, and to provide quality service to its customers, through innovation, cutting-edge, value-added, banking services and financial solutions, while keeping the Group’s corporate social responsibility very much in perspective to his heart.

This strategy is anchored to:
  • Consolidate and expand the Group's presence in selective regional and international markets
  • Promote professional development and quality performance, decision-making process and teamwork within the Group
  • Adopt and implement the highest international banking and finance norms and standards, corporate governance, and diligent compliance practices
  • Generate increasing value for the Group’s shareholders in a dynamic manner and on solid sustainable grounds
  • Exceed the Group’s customers’ expectations and fulfill their needs and demands
  • Align responsible business practices and social investments in order to create long-term value and sustainability for the Group along with its respective communities
  • Strive for a distinguished quality service to the existing and potential customers

Nadim Kassar is the General Manager of Fransabank sal which is the mother company of Fransabank Group that owns in Lebanon, 2 commercial banks, one investment bank, 6 financial and commercial subsidiaries, 2 associate financial companies, and one real estate company. Fransabank is the 4th largest bank in Lebanon with origins that date back to 1921. The Group has the largest local branch network with 125 branches. It has an entrenched presence in selective regional and international markets as for France, Algeria, Syria, Sudan, Belarus, Cyprus, Iraq and UAE – Abu Dhabi.

Nadim Kassar is also member of many senior committees at Fransabank:
  • Executive Committee
  • Clientele Risks Committees
  • Asset / Liability Committee
  • Overseas Expansion Committee
  • ICT Committee
  • Information Security Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Marketing & Corporate Communication Committee
  • Purchasing Committee